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XTZ SUB 3X12 active subwoofer
XTZ SUB 3X12 active subwoofer
XTZ SUB 3X12 active subwoofer

XTZ SUB 3X12 active subwoofer

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The 3X12 was only built for one task: To make you experience the world of true cinema not only with a clean, dynamic sound but also as a physical experience. It creates an atmosphere that will blow you away! Maximum power for maximum home cinema pleasure is the main idea behind this outstanding subwoofer. As one of the most powerful cinema/hi-fi-subwoofers in the world, the 3X12 is able to achieve an unbelievably high sound pressure level, even in the lowest frequencies. But it's not only the subwoofer’s volume that is astonishing, it's also how smooth it sounds and the ease with which this subwoofer is reproducing the entire bass frequency range.


The Cinema 3X12 has three advanced High-Speed Ultra-Long-Stroke driver developed by XTZ’s R&D team. Thanks to their low weight and extreme rigidity, any desired impulse is delivered with maximum speed and precision. Each of the 3 drivers is driven by a Claridy Class-D amplifier with 500W RMS and 900W peak power, making a total of 2700 Watts available. The Class-D amplifiers have a perfect clipping characteristic, thereby ensuring maximum headroom and extreme dynamics. Deep and powerful bass has never sounded this authentic before.


The Cinema 3X12 has several configuration options that allow a perfect adaptation to the room and taste. The lower frequency limit is an incredibly deep 16Hz. For this reason, the subwoofer is equipped with a special room-gain EQ to reduce the influence of room modes. In addition, the bass reflex tube can be closed with the attached plug. Thus, it is even possible to change the sound characteristics of the 3X12 so it behaves like a sealed subwoofer. 


In order to maintain resonances within the housing to a minimum, a specific trapezoidal shape for the cabinet has been selected. The outer walls are made of 25mm deep MDF, which is reinforced with 40mm thick stiffeners. The front wall and the bottom of the housing are each a total of 55mm thick. Rear-radiated sound is absorbed by means of using generous amounts of insulation material. All these design elements together with the precisely sized cabinet ensure the subwoofer’s sound is accurate and controlled at any sound pressure level.


  • Construction Type: - 3 x 12" aktiv hybrid subwoofer (Bassreflex / Sealed)

  • Woofer driver: - 3 x 300 mm (12") advanced High-Speed Ultra-Long-Stroke driver (Polymer reinforced cotton and pure Nomex fibers)

  • Amplifier: - 3 x High-End Claridy Class-D

  • Frequency Response: - 16 - 160 Hz (+/- 3dB)

  • Power: - 2700 W Peak / 1500 W RMS, Class-D

  • Power Consumption (standby / switched on): - <0,5 W / 27 W

  • Crossover frequency: - Variable 0 - 180°

  • Crossover frequency: - Variable 40 - 160Hz, Bypass

  • Connections: - 2 x RCA, XLR, XLR pass-thru

  • Settings: - Bassreflex / Sealed, 2 x EQ (Anechoic, Room gain)

  • Cover: - magnetic, black

  • Feet: - 4 x rubber spikes (M6 thread)

  • Dimensions: - 535 x 1145 x 555 mm (W x H x D) / 21.1 x 45.6 x 21.9" (Height incl. spikes)

  • Weight: - 77.4 kg / 170.3 lbs


  • XTZ SUB 3X12 active subwoofer

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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