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XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer
XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer
XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer
XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer
XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer
XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer

XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer

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                SUB 12.17 EDGE

The SUB 12.17 EDGE is based on the consistent development of its famous predecessor, SUB 12.17. By making use of the latest ICEpower® technology, the subwoofer is able to perform with even more power and dynamics. While the RMS power increased to astonishing 700W, the peak power now even reaches 1045W which makes the 12.17 EDGE a real powerhouse. Furthermore, the new amplifier offers additional sound tuning options. The driver of the 12.17 EDGE has to be powerful yet very rigid and at the same time extremely lightweight to achieve the highest precision and maximum power. Therefore, a driver which originates from the famous Cinema series which is able to achieve this high set of goals is used. All these properties make the 12.17 EDGE an outstanding, powerful and very versatile subwoofer for your home cinema or music system.


Resulting from proprietary development, the driver of the 12.17 EDGE has its origins in the drivers of the XTZ Cinema series. These high-speed drivers achieve their extraordinary properties through the use of very light and extremely rigid materials that enable the driver to perform with maximum precision and the highest dynamics. The 1045W ICEpower® amplifier provides large headroom and high power for articulate and at the same time extremely deep bass in home cinemas, as well as putting in  place a discreet sound foundation for the enjoyment of music. Its perfect clipping characteristic gives it higher headroom for maximum dynamics.


With the adjustable equalizers on the back of the subwoofer, the sound of the 12.17 EDGE can be adapted perfectly to your needs and your room. While the EQ “REF” provides maximum depth in the bass, “EQ1” cuts the deepest frequencies to adapt the sound to smaller rooms with high room gain. “EQ2” lifts the kick bass to achieve a punchier bass. To even further adjust the sound, the subwoofer offers a parametric EQ which can be set between 30 Hz and 120 Hz and alter the SPL from - 9 dB to + 9 dB. In addition, the subwoofer can be operated in a sealed mode using the supplied plugs for the bass reflex tubes. The plugs also offer several combinations to perfectly adjust the sound to your wishes.


The heavy weight of the 12.17 EDGE is due not just to the heavy magnet of the driver but mainly from the stable external walls made of MDF, as well as numerous internal stiffeners. Together with the damping material, internal resonances are reduced to an absolute minimum which leads to outstanding control  and high dynamics. Due to its perfectly sized volume, the driver always operates in an ideal range and thus provides maximum precision and accuracy.


  • Construction Type: - 12" aktiv hybrid subwoofer (Bassreflex / Sealed)

  • Woofer driver: - 1 x 300 mm (12") High-Speed Ultra-Long-Stroke driver (Polymer reinforced cotton)

  • Amplifier: - 1 x High-End Class-D Amplifier

  • Frequency Response: - 19 - 180 Hz (+/- 3dB)

  • Power: - 1045 W Peak / 700 W RMS, Class-D, ICEpower

  • Power Consumption (standby / switched on): - 0,17 W / 22 W

  • Phase: - Variable 0 - 180°

  • Crossover frequency: - Variable 40 - 160Hz, Bypass

  • Connections: - 2 x RCA, XLR, XLR-Passthrough

  • Settings: - Bassreflex / Sealed (2 ports), 3 x EQ (REF, EQ1, EQ2), PEQ-Filter

  • Feet: - 4 x rubber spikes (M6 thread)

  • Dimensions: - 395 x 510 x 400 mm (W x H x D) / 15.7 x 20.7 x 15.9" (Height incl. spikes)

  • Weight: - 25,9 kg / 57 lbs


  • XTZ Sub 12.17 Edge Subwoofer

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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