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XTZ Cinema M8 Tower Speaker (Pair)
XTZ Cinema M8 Tower Speaker (Pair)
XTZ Cinema M8 Tower Speaker (Pair)

XTZ Cinema M8 Tower Speaker (Pair)

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The long and thorough development of the numerous unique technologies which are used in the Cinema M8 Tower have lead to an outstanding home cinema speaker with multiple advantages compared to common systems. To provide a neutral and thus harmonic sound to a broad audience with people sitting besides each other, the M8 Tower features 8 drivers in a special formation: The six tweeters are mounted in a hex tweeter array while the two 8"  woofer drivers form a D'Appolito arrangement. Both arrays make sure that all listeners benefit from the clean sound characteristics while it also enables the M8 Tower to reproduce even highest SPL with minimum distortions and therefore fill even large home cinemas of up to 120m² with its powerful sound.


The treble and the most critical part of the midrange is reproduced by a specially developed hex tweeter array. This unique construction allows special design options like a very low crossover frequency to the woofers and thus provides a minimum phaseshift off axis, minimal distortion, high max. SPL capacity, optimized radiation response and high efficiency. The two 8" mid-bass drivers are designed in the D'Apppolito arrangement and in combination with the tweeter array achieve the best dispersion pattern for your home theater/hifi system. In combination the 8 drivers can provide very high sound pressure, even in large rooms.


In order to be able to adapt the M8 Tower perfectly to your requirements and the prevailing room acoustics, the treble can be configured. It can be adjusted to neutral (0dB), slightly increased (+ 2dB) or slightly lowered (-2dB) with the aid of the switch on the back. Furthermore, the bassreflex port can be closed with the attached plug to alter the bass characteristics of the M8 Tower. If the port is closed, the bass will be less powerful but even more precise while opening the port creates a punchy and deep bass response.


  • Construction Type: - 3-way Floorstand-Speaker

  • Tweeter / Midrange driver: - 6 x 24 mm (1") dome tweeter (Polymer reinforced Japanese silk in Tweeter array)

  • Woofer driver: - 2 x 200 mm (8") cone driver (Mixed coated long fiber pulp material in D'Appolito arrangement)

  • Frequency Response: - 29 - 30.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

  • Nominal impedance: - 4 - 8 Ohm

  • Sensitivity: - 91,2 dB (2,83 V/1 m)

  • Power Handling: - 600 W Short term IEC 268-5, 350 W Long term IEC 268-5

  • Connections: - gold plated, Bi-wiring / Bi-amp ready

  • Settings: - Bassreflex / Sealed, Treble adjustable in 3 different modes,

  • Crossover frequencies: - 950 Hz / 2.500 Hz

  • Filter steepness: - Woofer driver: 12 dB, Midrange driver: 18 dB Tweeter: 18 dB

  • Dimensions: - 324 (455) x 1075 (1112) x 274 (402) mm (W x H x D incl. baseplate and spikes) 12.9 (18.1) x 42.8 (44.3) x 10.9 (16.01)"

  • Weight: - 33.2 kg / 73.04 lb


  • XTZ Cinema M8 Tower Speaker (Pair)

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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