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XTZ Cinema M6 LCR - Center Speaker (Each)
XTZ Cinema M6 LCR - Center Speaker (Each)
XTZ Cinema M6 LCR - Center Speaker (Each)

XTZ Cinema M6 LCR - Center Speaker (Each)

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The Cinema M6 was only created for one single task: Providing the best possible cinema experience in home theaters. To achieve this high goal, the M6 was developed with various special technologies. The Quad-Tweeter array provides high sound pressure level and optimized dispersion at the same time. Furthermore, it creates never before heard crystal clear sound to achieve maximum fidelity. Two mid-bass drivers in a D'Appolito arrangement provide the highest dynamics and perfect precision. These two systems combine in a closed box to produce astonishing accuracy, maximum power and dynamics. Discover this unique home cinema speaker and enjoy its detailed, rich and dynamic sound.


For the Cinema M6, we developed a Quattro tweeter arrangement to provide a very high maximum sound pressure level, high efficiency and minimal distortion. In addition, a perfectly even dispersion pattern is achieved for several listeners by using a controlled bundling of drivers that minimize the negative influences of the room. To achieve optimum bundling for home cinema sound in the lower mid-range, the two mid-bass drivers are arranged according to the D'Appolito principle. Thus, the M6 sounds crystal clear, yielding great precision and extremely high dynamics.


Strong HDF walls ensure maximum stability with small dimensions and optimum internal volume for the chassis. The trapezoidal shape reduces internal resonances extremely effectively and provides a timeless look. The baffle of the M6 is each angled at 7.5° toward the center of the room. This angling provides the advantage that the M6 is perfectly aimed at the listener when mounted on the wall. The Cinema M6 has countersunk threads for mounting the Cinema using the Flushmount Kit or alternatively use the available matching Cinema Floorstand that positions the speaker at the right height for the listening audience.


  • Construction Type: - 2,5-way hybrid Center-Speaker

  • Tweeter driver: - 4 x 24 mm (1") dome tweeter (Polymer reinforced Japanese silk in Quattro-Tweeter array)

  • Midrange / Woofer driver: - 2 x 150 mm (5 ¼") cone driver (Mixed coated long fiber pulp material in D'Appolito arrangement)

  • Frequency Response: - 75 - 30.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

  • Nominal impedance:- 4 - 8 Ohm

  • Sensitivity: - 89 dB (2,83 V/1 m)

  • Power Handling: - 300 W Short term IEC 268-5, 150 W Long term IEC 268-5

  • Connections: - gold plated, Bi-wiring / Bi-amp ready

  • Crossover frequencies: - 1.200 Hz / 3.000 Hz

  • Filter steepness: - Midrange / Woofer driver: 24 dB, Tweeter: 24 dB

  • Dimensions: - 440 x 230 x 220 mm (W x H x D) / 17.3 x 9.1 x 8.7"

  • Weight: - 9 kg / 19.8 lb



  • XTZ Cinema M6 LCR - Center Speaker (Each)

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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