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Sonos Port: Audio Wi-Fi Network Streamer
Sonos Port: Audio Wi-Fi Network Streamer
Sonos Port: Audio Wi-Fi Network Streamer
Sonos Port: Audio Wi-Fi Network Streamer
Sonos Port: Audio Wi-Fi Network Streamer

Sonos Port: Audio Wi-Fi Network Streamer

Rs. 56,000.00

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  • Enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks, and internet radio with your amplified audio equipment. You can also stream vinyl, CDs, and stored audio files to Sonos speakers in other rooms of your home.

  • Use Airplay to stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri to play Apple Music.

  • Use the line-in to connect a device that has an audio output source (such as a CD or MP3 player, Airplay device, or turntable*)

  • Easily connect Sonos speakers in different rooms over Wi-Fi to create a home sound system that brings every room and everyone together.

  • Enjoy clear, richly detailed sound that fills the room at any volume.

  • Setup takes minutes and control is simple with the Sonos app and Airplay.

  • Customize your system and play what you want, where you want.

Connect Port to your traditional audio equipment to stream music, radio, audiobooks and more from all your favorites services. Control is easy with the Sonos app and Apple Airplay. Expand your sound system any time by adding Sonos speakers around your home. Everything works together over Wi-Fi.


Transform your stereo or amplified receiver into a state-of-the-art Sonos system to stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and more from your favorites services.


Wirelessly connect Sonos speakers around your home for a truly immersive listening experience, and enjoy vinyl, CDs, and stored audio files in other rooms.


  • Black

  • White

Dimensions: Height: 64 mm Width: 217 mm Depth: 217 mm


  • Sonos Port

  • Power Adapter

  • RCA Cable

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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