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McIntosh CDA4M Digital Audio Cables (Each)
McIntosh CDA4M Digital Audio Cables (Each)
McIntosh CDA4M Digital Audio Cables (Each)

McIntosh CDA4M Digital Audio Cables (Each)

Rs. 70,900.00

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  • Silver plated for greater bandwidth

  • Standard lengths: 4 meters (custom lengths available)

McIntosh Digital Audio cables use the finest pure copper conductors which are silver plated for enhanced digital bandwidth. Twice the normal shielding layers are used to insulate against outside interference and limit radiation of digital noise into the analog sections of audio system. Gold plated, solid brass connectors are used to assure secure digital data transmission and the best audio performance. The digital audio cables are available in  4 meter lengths (custom lengths available). The construction quality of McIntosh cables has to be of highest order in order to match the renowned longevity of McIntosh products such as home theater systems.


  • Packed -Each

  • Lengths Available - Available in 4 Meter Increments

  • Conductor Configuration - Coaxial

  • Conductor Gauge and Material - 18 AWG OFC with 2.5% Silver Plating

  • Insulation - Skin-Foam-Skin

  • Shielding - Aluminum Foil + 2 Silver Plated OFC Copper Braid

  • Outer Jacket - PVC Jacket with Black Nylon Webbing

  • Termination Connector - Gold Plated Brass RCA Male

  • Outside Cable Dimension - 8.5mm

  • Unique Features - Silver Plated for Increased Digital Bandwidth

  • Packed in Cloth Bag and Box - Yes

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