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McIntosh CBA 4 Meter Balanced Audio Cable
McIntosh CBA 4 Meter Balanced Audio Cable
McIntosh CBA 4 Meter Balanced Audio Cable

McIntosh CBA 4 Meter Balanced Audio Cable

Rs. 66,900.00

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McIntosh Balanced Audio Cables are designed to enhance the ultra-low noise performance of McIntosh components such as amplifiers and preamplifiers. McIntosh uses two balanced conductors with separate ground while adding fourth chassis ground to further prevent interference. McIntosh balanced cables eliminate induced background noise leaving only pure music. Balanced audio cables come with separate signal ground from chassis ground to enhance overall sound quality


  • 22 AWG OFC Conductor Guage

  • Copper Foil + 95% Coverage Copper Braid Shielding

  • PVC Jacket With Black Nylon Webbing Outer Jacket

  • Gold Plated Brass XLR Termination Connector

  • 9mm Outside Cable Dimension

  • Separate Signal Ground From Chassis Ground

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