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Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver
Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver
Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver
Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver
Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver
Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver
Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver

Marantz Cinema 60 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver

Rs. 187,900.00

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High-performance 7.2 channel AV receiver with 100 watts per channel amplification, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 8K Ultra HD, and HEOS built-in streaming. CINEMA 60 is the new standard of foundational luxury home theater.


  • Supports 7.2-Channel Audio

  • Up to 100W per Channel at 8 Ohms

  • Up to 8K HDR Video

  • Use with HEOS for Multi-Room Audio

  • Dolby Atmos & DTS:X

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Audyssey Room Calibration

  • Next-Gen Gaming Support

  • Alexa, Google, or Siri Voice Control

  • Porthole OLED & Front Controls

  • Peerless Performance Immersive spaciousness, warm and rich tone, and lifelike dynamics are legendary hallmarks of Marantz sound.

  • Technology Leader CINEMA 60 comes packed with the latest immersive audio formats, 8K video, room optimization, streaming, and more technology to simplify and elevate your enjoyment.

  • Exquisite Design A modern expression of timeless design principles, CINEMA 60 includes our iconic porthole, symmetry, and visual cues representing legendary Marantz quality.

Supporting a wide range of audio formats, technologies, and object-based surround sound, the Marantz CINEMA 60 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver can deliver lifelike and immersive room-filling sound for your movies, shows, and music. The CINEMA 60 supports up to 8K HDR video and advanced audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. You can also wirelessly stream music and other audio from a wide variety of online music sources. Your audio is powered through the speakers in your room at 100W per channel, or through your home using HEOS built-in streaming to compatible HEOS wireless speakers, and everything is conveniently controlled via the included remote, your mobile device, or by voice command.


  • Black


Using Audyssey MultiEQ XT with the included microphone, you can tune the audio coming from the CINEMA 60 to your specific room dimensions and layout.


You can hook the CINEMA 60 to your home network via the integrated Ethernet port, or wirelessly via the two included Wi-Fi antennas. Once connected, the CINEMA 60 gives you access to a wide range of streaming technologies and services, such as Apple AirPlay 2, TuneIn internet radio, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music and Amazon Music HD, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, SoundCloud, and Mood Mix.


You can play audio through the speakers connected to the CINEMA 60 via Bluetooth from your compatible mobile devices. You can also transmit audio from the CINEMA 60 to an optional pair of Bluetooth headphones, which is ideal for late-night listening without waking up everyone in your home.


The CINEMA 60 provides VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) support when connecting your console for optimized gaming. VRR automatically alters the refresh rate in real-time for smooth gameplay, and ALLM lets the console automatically trigger your TV's game mode for reduced latency.


You can adjust settings and manage the CINEMA 60's features via a variety of methods. You can use the included remote control, the Marantz AVR app for iOS and Android mobile devices, or your voice. The CINEMA 60 supports Amazon Alexa, Google Voice Assistant, and Apple Siri.


The sleek and streamlined design of the CINEMA 60 helps it fit into most any room's décor. You get analog input and volume knobs, along with Marantz's iconic porthole OLED, and an array of front panel controls for easy manual audio management.


  • Proprietary HDAM amplification for musical sound

  • Roon tested

  • 6 x HDMI inputs (three 8K/60 Hz and 4K/120 Hz capable)

  • 2-zone audio support

  • Front USB-A port for audio playback via flash drive

  • Pure Direct mode

  • Gold-plated RCA terminals

  • ECO mode

  • Auto power off

  • Sleep timer


  • Marantz CINEMA 60 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

  • Remote Control with Batteries

  • AM/FM Antennas

  • Audyssey Microphone

  • Cardboard Microphone Stand

  • 2 x External Detachable Antenna

  • AC Cord

  • Wire Labels

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