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HiVi Swans M200MKIII+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Pair)
HiVi Swans M200MKIII+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Pair)
HiVi Swans M200MKIII+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Pair)
HiVi Swans M200MKIII+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Pair)

HiVi Swans M200MKIII+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Pair)

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Swans HiVi M200MKIII+ are speakers Bluetooth Wireless combining excellent audio quality with innovative electroacoustic technology. The popular Diva series and F series, as well as other high-end speakers, feature 28mm dome tweeters. The sound is sweet and delicate, with a higher output sound pressure and a wider range of aiming characteristics, making the high frequency accessible over 20 kHz and appropriate for desktop and living room speaker Bluetooth systems.

The Swans HiVi M200MKIII+ can be an excellent speaker for computer given its amazing sound quality. People can use these speakers for home theatre as well. In speakers home theater range, this speaker can be a boon for music and movie lovers.

The sound side plate has a thickness of up to 12 mm, is covered by sound on both sides, offers dependable support for the loudspeaker, and prevents box resonance. Even when playing powerful dynamic universal frequencies, the box remains stable and releases pure sound quality.

Phase inversion positioned at the rear. Thanks to the arc-shaped diffuser aperture and L-shaped low wind phase inversion construction, the bass is especially tight and precise.

The built-in audiophile D/A conversion module’s output specs much exceed the “Hi-Res” audio 24-bit/96 kHz standard, and its digital audio interface allows for sampling rates up to 24 bit/96 kHz.

The M200MKIII+ can provide a continuous 120W of power and is outfitted with a precision drive circuit, an electronic frequency crossover, and a digital amplifier. This allows it to produce both delicate and powerful sounds at low volumes under loud dynamic pressure.

Two excellent professional digital amplifier chips, model number TAS5611A from Texas, are included in the M200MKIII+. The signal-to-noise ratio exceeds 100 dB. The output power is 250W mono and 125W stereo, and the low power output can be as low as 0.03%. The BTL bridge unit drives the tweeter/woofer and has enough power reserve to deliver dynamic sound.

Burr-Brown’s PC5102 audio converter chip, which has the greatest sampling rate of 32bit/384kHz, was chosen for the M200MKIII+. The PCM9211 chip, also from Burr-Brown, provides high-precision digital audio signal input up to 24bit/216kHz. Excellent-fidelity, all-digital interface with high precision.


  • Driver Size (Woofer)  -    5.25"

  • Driver Size (Tweeter)      - 1.1"

  • Rated Power (RMS)   -    60W x 2

  • Frequency Range   -         53Hz - 20kHz ±3dB (Free Space)

  • Tweeter Type -  Fiber Soft Dome Tweeter

  • Input Interface  - 2xRCA, Bluetooth 4.0, Optical, Coaxial

  • Tweeter Dimensions -     7.6"x13.2"x10.6"

  • Net Weight (Kgs)   -7.98 Kgs


  • HiVi Swans M200MKIII+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty on Projector

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