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Hivi M200 DSP  Wireless Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
Hivi M200 DSP  Wireless Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
Hivi M200 DSP  Wireless Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

Hivi M200 DSP Wireless Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

Rs. 23,990.00
Rs. 29,990.00

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  • Classy & Fashion all-in-one - classic design, refined black matte finish and wooden side panels.

  • Acute acoustic design - sloped front baffle provides a well-balanced sound for near-field or mid-field listening.

  • “Cat eye” tweeter - 28mm tweeter made from annular wool damping cotton and silk diaphragm coated with special damping acoustic absorption material, providing warm vocal highs.

  • 5. 25” long-throw woofer - mid-bass drivers with great dynamic range are made from high-intensity damping PP diaphragm with audiophile-quality long-throw low-frequency linear displacement design to reduce distortion, thus to increase bass sound quality.

  • Full-digital amplifiers - Front-end amplifier Supports a 24-bit, 216-khz high-precision digital Audio input signal; rear amplifier comes with DSP noise canceling and built-in EQ which divides frequency and adjust treble and bass to optimal sound


  • Item model number - M200 DSP

  • Recommended Uses For Product - ‎For Smartphones or Tablets, For Televisions Tablets

  • Compatible Devices - ‎Tablet, Smartphone

  • Subwoofer Diameter - ‎5 Inches

  • Mounting Type - ‎Tabletop

  • Surround Sound Channel Configuration - 2.0

  • Material - ‎wood

  • Speaker Maximum Output Power - ‎80 Watts

  • Package Dimensions - 50.55 x 44.7 x 36.07 cm; 

  • Item Weight - ‎14 kg 200 g


  • Hivi M200 DSP  Wireless Bookshelf Speaker 

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty on Projector

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