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Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker Pair
Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker Pair
Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker Pair
Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker Pair
Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker Pair
Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker Pair

Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker Pair

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  • Premium floorstanding speaker with triple bass drivers offers detailed and powerful sound
  • Mid-bass driver with aluminum basket and HECO kraft paper cone for neutrality and natural timbres
  • Bi-wiring and bi-amping option
  • Front cover with acoustic fabric and invisible magnetic fastener
  • Stylish housing with a combination of high-gloss and matte lacquer in black or white

The In Vita 9 is the perfect choice for the audiophile music fan who wants to enjoy the full frequency spectrum. With its three woofers, it covers the frequency spectrum down to 23 Hz. There should hardly be any wishes left unfulfilled, and if there are, they can be fulfilled with an active subwoofer. At the other end of the scale, the Silk Compound tweeter in the distinctive Fluktus front panel typical of Heco plays up to 43 kHz without distortion.

The timeless, slim cabinet with a height of 1150 mm stands on stable base crossbars made of aluminum and can be set up precisely and securely with the height-adjustable cone spikes made of solid aluminum. A decoupling rubber version is included for sensitive floors. The impressive workmanship of the case with its combination of high-gloss paint on the front and top as well as matte side panels is also manifested in the weight of 27.7 kg each.

The constructive effort is also reflected in the crossover. This is amplitude and phase optimized and offers a switchable high-frequency boost of 2 dB. The connection terminal, gold-plated and encapsulated, enables bi-amping and bi-wiring, i.e. the control of the high and low/mid ranges with different amplifiers and/or cables.


  • Amplitude and phase optimized crossover equipped with high quality components

  • Tweeter level adjustment 'linear' / '+2dB

  • High-quality connection terminal with stable, gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals

  • Bi-wiring / bi-amping option


  • Very stable constructed, multiple braced cabinet
  • Front and top in high quality high gloss lacquer, side and rear panels with silk matt lacquer
  • Solid base plate in high-gloss finish
  • Removable front cover with acoustic fabric and invisible magnet fastener
  • Bass reflex construction with three flow-optimized and screwed reflex tubes on both sides
  • Stable aluminum crossbars with height-adjustable, solid metal cone spikes
  • Replaceable spike tips made of metal and rubber for optimal adaptation to the floor covering


  • 3 x 170 mm Tieftöner
  • 1 x 170 mm Mitteltöner
  • 28 mm Hochtonkalotte


  • Tweeter with 28 mm silk compound dome, high power handling due to ferrofluid cooling, powerful ferrite double magnet system and new acoustic front panel made of aluminum with Fluktus geometry.

  • Low-distortion optimized woofers and midrange drivers with lightweight long-fiber cones, flat dust domes of the same material, long-stroke surrounds and heavy-duty voice coils

  • Woofer and midrange drivers with sturdy, aerodynamically shaped die-cast aluminum baskets and diamond-ground mounting flanges


  • PRINCIPLE - 3-way bass reflex, floorstanding speaker

  • SENSITIVITY (2.8V/1M) - 92 dB

  • IMPEDANCE - 4-8 Ohms


  • POWER HANDLING (RMS/MAX) - 240 / 380 Watts

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE - 23 – 43.000 Hz


  • DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) - 205 x 1120 x 375 mm, 290 x 1150 x 393 mm


  • Heco In Vita 9 - 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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