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Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair
Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair
Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair
Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair
Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair
Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair
Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair

Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black Pair

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The HECO Celan range has been thrilling music lovers and home cinema fans around the world for three generations now. However, rather than rest on their laurels, their design and development team wanted to create a unique, standalone loudspeaker family in the fourth generation as a worthy successor to the legendary Celan GT Series – the Celan Revolution.

Like its predecessor, the newly developed top speaker range from HECO also answers to the name Celan. However, the new “Revolution” suffix to the name makes it clear that the latest generation represents a fundamental further development of the predecessor models. The goal was to completely reinvent the Celan! Ultimately, this ambitious objective is reflected in the overall acoustic performance as well as the design concept. The distinctive enclosure with its elegantly angled top and the dominant base brackets of the two floor-standing speakers lends this flagship range a true individuality and the claim to a new milestone in HECO’s loudspeaker history.

The most important elements on the way to the Celan Revolution design are the angled top with the embedded metal logo as well as the rounded sides with the housing tapered to the rear. Another key design element of the floor-standing loudspeakers are the sturdy aluminium base brackets, which are more than just a visual eye-catcher. Their solid spikes are height-adjustable, with interchangeable tips ensuring acoustically ideal coupling on all floors. The broad base also guarantees particularly good stability. The Celan Revolution design is rounded off by elegant surfaces made from selected real wood veneer or high-quality lacquer finishes as well as invisible fastening of the front cover via integrated magnets.

All of the lou dspeaker chassis were newly developed specially for the Celan Revolution range and optimised to suit the acoustic concept – using, among other things, the Klippel measuring system recognised throughout the industry. The most important new development in the chassis family is the 30 mm high-energy tweeter with the new HECO Fluktus front panel geometry. The special second-generation dome tweeter produces especially well-balanced and harmonious dispersion characteristics at all angles thanks to the computer-optimised multi-wave front panel. In addition, the tweeter is highly resilient with great level stability due to cooling with acoustic ferrofluid and a powerful ferrite double magnet system – taking over music reproduction from a frequency of around 2,800 Hz. Operating below the tweeter in the 3-way models is a pure midrange chassis optimised for full-range reproduction and featuring a particularly lightweight HECO kraft paper membrane that has proven itself over a period of decades. Newly developed phase-optimising dust caps are also used in all models.

In the floor-standing loudspeakers, the low and upper bass frequencies are taken care of by Klippel-optimised bass drivers with highly resilient voice coils in a long-excursion as well as linear operating drive system. The midrange drivers have also undergone the same optimisation measures. In addition, substantial wall thicknesses and multiple bracing inside the solid MDF enclosure ensure the best working conditions for the drivers in all models. The result is harmonious interaction combined, at the same time, with very high dynamics and lowest distortion for all imaginable styles of music.


  • Elaborately constructed three-way floorstanding speaker for very detailed and dynamic sound

  • Solid aluminium crossbeams at the base with height-adjustable massive metal cone spikes

  • 3 way floorstanding speaker, bass reflex

  • Sensitivity: (2.8V/1M)-92 dB

  • Impedance: 4–8 Ohms

  • Crossover frequencies: 290 Hz, 2,800 Hz

  • Poer handling (RMS/MAX): 220/350 Watts

  • Frequency response: 21–52000 Hz

  • Recommended amplifier output: 30–350 Watts

  • Woofer with HECO kraft paper cone, large dustcap, long-throw surround and 32 mm high-performance voice coil optimized for the low frequencies

  • Midrange with HECO kraft paper cone, new developed POCdustcap (Phase Optimisation Cap), coated fabric surround and 25 mm voice coil optimized for neutral reproduction

  • High Energy tweeter (2nd generation) with 30 mm Polyfiber Compound Dome (PFC Dome), powerful double ferrite magnet system and new aluminium front plate with Fluktus geometry


  • Bi-wiring/Bi-amping-Option

  • High-quality connecting terminal with solid, gold-plated and capsulated screw connectors

  • Tweeter level adjustment ‚linear’/‚+2dB’

  • Elaborated crossover with high-quality exacting tolerance components


  • Solid aluminium cross beams with height-adjustable massive metal cone spikes

  • Solid construction using MDF panels and elaborated struttings, rounded side panels and elegantly angled top side

  • Stylish surfaces: glossy finish, semi-matt lacquer finish or selected real-wood veneer

  • Bass reflex construction with two airflow-optimised and screwed reflex tubes and aluminium flanges

  • Exchangeable metal/rubber spike tips for an optimum adaptation to the floor type


  • 1/2/3-way 3

  • Color Piano Black

  • Crossover frequency 250 Hz, 2800 Hz

  • Minimum recommended power, W 30

  • Peak power, W 350

  • Resistance, Ohm 8 Ohm, 4 Ohm

  • Series Celan Revolution 7

  • Terminals Bi-amping/bi-wiring

  • Tweeter size, inches 1"

  • Tweeter type Dome

  • Tweeters number 1

  • Grille color black

  • Type Floorstanding Speakers

  • Weight, kg 29,5


  • Heco Floorstanding Speakers Celan Revolution 7 Piano Black

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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