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Elac Varro Dual Reference DS1000-GB 10
Elac Varro Dual Reference DS1000-GB 10
Elac Varro Dual Reference DS1000-GB 10

Elac Varro Dual Reference DS1000-GB 10" Dual Subwoofer Each

Rs. 310,900.00

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Experience the incredible sound of our iconic Dual Reference Series Subwoofer — this single subwoofer can power your sound system with even, precisely tuned, crystal-clear bass. Our state-of-the-art technology delivers a clean, balanced low-frequency experience, with two powerful bass drivers with excellent linearity, producing tight and accurate bass, with minimal distortion. Perfectly tuned for the most demanding movies or music.


  • Total Performance Begins With Design

  • Our High Excursion (HEX) surround technology allows for greater extrusion and less distortion.

  • However, to facilitate the extra movement, longer voice coils were required. Meaning our Aluminum Sandwich technology was too heavy.

  • To improve efficiency, our drivers were designed with cutouts arranged in the paper cone prior to gluing to the aluminum cone.

  • The Die Cast backrest ensures strength under load, and a large magnet completes the custom driver.


All seven models utilize BASH technology.

The discrete implementation of these tracking amplifiers allows for maximum voltage swing, providing all the power that is needed and additional dynamic power throughout the entire operating range of the woofers.


  • Speaker Type - Sealed

  • Woofer - 10” HEX Surround x2

  • Frequency Response - 18Hz—150Hz (Anechoic),15Hz—150Hz (In-Room)

  • Maximum Output Level, SPL dB/1m anechoic - 115 dB

  • Low Pass Crossover - 40Hz to 150Hz

  • Amplifier Power - 1000/2000 Watts

  • App Controlled (BLE) - iOS and Android

  • Amplifier Topology - BASH

  • Standby Power Consumption - < 2.0 Watts

  • Inputs - RCA Line Level,Balanced XLR,Speaker Level

  • 12 Volt Input - 12 Volt Trigger

  • Data Connection - USB (Firmware Update)

  • Ethernet - Third-Party Control

  • Cabinet Finish - Gloss Black

  • Included Accessories - Grille,AC Power Cord,Spikes

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 371mm x 429mm x 370 mm

  • Net Weight - 32.4 kg


  • Elac Varro Dual Reference DS1000-GB 10" Dual Subwoofer Each

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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