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DENON DHT-S517 200 W Bluetooth Soundbar
DENON DHT-S517 200 W Bluetooth Soundbar
DENON DHT-S517 200 W Bluetooth Soundbar
DENON DHT-S517 200 W Bluetooth Soundbar
DENON DHT-S517 200 W Bluetooth Soundbar
DENON DHT-S517 200 W Bluetooth Soundbar

DENON DHT-S517 200 W Bluetooth Soundbar

Rs. 65,900.00

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Built by the market leader in AV receivers, the Denon DHT-S517 sound bar with Dolby Atmos transforms any TV into a home entertainment center.
The Denon DHT-S217 is a slender sound bar featuring two powerful, built-in down-firing subwoofers and Dolby Atmos 3D audio technology to create a surround sound experience without a separate subwoofer. Quickly connect devices through the HDMI (eARC) and Optical inputs or stream music via Bluetooth. Transfer your TV into home theater with DHTS217 soundbar, integrated with down-firing subwoofers, for a thrilling 3D audio experience with Dolby Atmos overhead effects pumping dynamically Sleek home theater With 3D audio into your entertainment setup.
  • High performance 2.1 channel sound bar with built-in down-firing subwoofers
  • DTS Virtual:X support for an even greater audio immersion
  • 1 HDMI input (4K UHD, HDCP 2.2) and HDMI output with ARC Support
  • Bluetooth connection for your favorite songs
  • Dialogue Enhancer for improved dialogue intelligibility


  • Wireless music streaming

  • Simple sound adjustment

  • Wireless Subwoofer Included

  • Immerse yourself in 3D audio


  • Acoustic System – 3.1.2 (7 drivers)

  • HDMI: ARC / inputs – Yes (1x in / 1x out eARC)

  • Digital input: Optical / Coaxial – Yes / No

  • Analog input (3.5mm mini jack) – Yes

  • Analog input (3.5mm mini jack) – Yes

  • Simple one wire setup – yes

  • 3D Audio – Dolby Atmos (up-firing)

  • Dolby Digital decoding / DTS – Yes/No

  • Soundmode Music, Movie – Yes

  • Night listening mode – Yes

  • Denon Dialog Enhancer – Yes

  • Left/Right Tweeters – 2x 1″/25mm (round)

  • Left/Right Midrange Drivers (W x H) – 2x 4.7 x 1.6″/120mm x 40mm (racetrack)

  • Center Full-Range Driver – 1x 1″/25mm (round)

  • Left/Right Up-Firing, Full-Range Driver – 1x 2.6″/66mm (round)

  • Subwoofer Driver – 1x 5.9″/15cm (round)


  • Wireless Subwoofer – Yes

  • Bluetooth – Yes

  • Available color – Black

  • Standby Consumption – 0.4 w

  • Auto Power Off – Yes

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) – 41.3 x 2.3 x 3.8”

  • Weight lbs – 5 lbs


  • Subwoofer Dimensions (W x D x H) – 6.7 x 14.5 x 11.4”

  • Subwoofer Weight lbs – 9.5 lbs

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