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Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair

Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair

Rs. 117,900.00

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                                  EVO S

  • Our five decades of expertise deliver the perfect speaker to complement Evo

  • Ultimate convenience, extraordinary performance - Evo S speakers complete the ideal system

  • Incredible sound quality, regardless of the source or format

  • Clean design, premium materials and seamless aesthetic harmony with Evo


Turn Evo into an entire Evo System by adding Evo S speakers. Designed and developed to be the perfect sonic and aesthetic match for Evo, Evo S are discreet and extremely high-performing.

Premium materials and components ensure they sound as good as they look - which is very good indeed.


As a visual complement to Evo, Evo S couldn’t be any better - they’re compact, discreet, good-looking and beautifully finished.

Plus, of course, they’re a match made in heaven where sound quality is concerned. Well, to be honest, they’re designed in London rather than heaven - but you take our point.


Every critical component of Evo S has been specified with only one aim in mind: to deliver class-leading audio performance.

From the black silk dome tweeter to the anodized aluminium mid-bass driver, from the medium density fibreboard cabinet construction to gold electroplated speaker binding posts, Evo S is designed and constructed to perform beyond your expectations.


Thanks to superb specification and design, Evo S can cover the high-resolution audio frequency range from a super-low 50Hz to crisp 40kHz top end. So you hear every recording as it was meant to sound.


Add Evo S to Evo to form an Evo System - it’s an unbeatable combination of simplicity, flexibility, good looks and amazing sound. All you need to do is plug it in


  • Frequency Response - 88dB

  • Ported - 1 rear ported

  • Impedance - 8 Ohms

  • Dimensions (W X H X D) - 200 X 284 X 216mm

  • Recommended Amplifier Power - 25 - 200 Watts

  • Weight - 7.1Kg

  • Crossover - 2 Way

  • Driver - Tweeter: 1 x 25mm (1") silk dome tweeter, Mid/Bass: 1 x 165mm (6.5") anodized aluminum cone


  • Cambridge Audio Evo S - Bookshelf Speaker - Pair

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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