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AUDIOQUEST G2 Bulk Speaker Cables
AUDIOQUEST G2 Bulk Speaker Cables

AUDIOQUEST G2 Bulk Speaker Cables

Rs. 6,000.00
  • 10 Meter Only White
  • 30 Meter Pack - White Only
  • 100m spool -White Only

In stock

These cables are locally terminated at our facility and the delivery period is 1-2 weeks.


  • flexible 16-gauge speaker cable

  • long-grain copper conductors

  • bundled strands use concentric packing to minimize signal interference

  • PVC cable jacket

  • stripe on cable helps you make the right connection

Low-grade speaker wire can often be a weak link in a home theater system. Upgrade to AudioQuest's G2 speaker cable and make sure that your speakers are getting the cleanest, most accurate signal possible.

AudioQuest's cable designs come from years of in-house research and careful engineering. Their G2 speaker cables use a special concentric arrangement that keeps the bundled strands in the same position throughout the length of the cable. The signal encounters less potentially damaging interactions and shifts in magnetic environment, resulting in sound that's clearer and more dynamic. Conductors made of long-grain copper ensure efficient signal transfer with minimal loss.

AudioQuest's Flat Series speaker cable is built around a Semi-Solid Concentric design. While this is not as transparent as AudioQuest's Solid-Core Conductors, Semi-Solid wire is significantly more resolved than conventional stranded bundle wire.


In a conventional multi-strand cable, distortion caused by electrical and magnetic strand interaction is compounded as each strand changes position within the bundle. In an AQ Semi-Solid Concentric cable, strands within the bundle maintain their fixed relationships, significantly reducing distortion. Long-Grain Copper (LGC) allows a smoother and clearer sound than cables using regular OFHC (Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity) copper. LGC has fewer oxides within the conducting material, less impurities, less grain boundaries, and definitively better performance.

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