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Elac - DS-C201PRO- 8-Zone Discovery Connect  Each
Elac - DS-C201PRO- 8-Zone Discovery Connect  Each
Elac - DS-C201PRO- 8-Zone Discovery Connect  Each

Elac - DS-C201PRO- 8-Zone Discovery Connect Each

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The perfect piece of equipment to provide high end music streaming at any budget, and any size project. The Discovery Connect Pro is 8 end points that can be connected to a multi-channel amplifier, delivering an audio streaming system dedicated to the custom integration market. An elegant solution to an industry challenge.

Discovery Connect Pro is a 1RU Rack Mountable dual ARM based system delivering 8 independent stereo zones. The connect pro serves as 8 Independent or grouped endpoints for ELAC’s Discovery Music Server, Roon’s Nucleus system, or Roon running on a PC.


  • Output Channels: - 8 Zones (6 Analogue, 2 digital)

  • Rack Spacing: - 1 RU

  • End Point Support: - YES (Discovery and Roon)

  • Ethernet Connection: - YES (Internet connection for updates)

  • Dimensions (W x H): - 16.75 in / 425.45 mm x 13.63 in / 346.08 mm

  • ARM Processor: - 2 x Dual Core IMX6

  • Audio Output: - Native Clocks

  • Sample Rate Conversion: - None (Native)

  • Firmware Updatable: - YES

  • Factory Reset: - YES

  • Power Supply: - Low Noise (Active Filtering)

  • Sampling Rate: - Up to 192Khz


  • Elac - DS-C201PRO- 8-Zone Discovery Connect Each

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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